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lamowl whodurschmidt

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mr. lamowl whodurschmidt often finds himself dreaming of penny farthings while sipping on his preferred  adult beverage of brandy. (really, who doesn’t dream of penny farthings while sipping on brandy? i’d sure like to know.) anyway, lamowl has a top hat and freshly pressed bow-tie for each day of the week. when he plugs in his tail, his eyes light up and help him see at night… since he is half table lamp the normal owl night vision was sacrificed but was made up for with his plug tail of course. the only difference is that he needs an extension cord to go more than a few feet, a minor set back when trying to hunt down his evening snack.

mr. whodurschmidt fancies: bags of jewels, readily available wall sockets, golden doubloons, and cauliflower
dislikes: cowboy hats, witches, gas stations, coors light, cubicles, and sandboxes