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lawnrus mowerwall

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lawnrus is one of the eldest of the flarnimals introduced thus far… he has had a tough life… he smoked for many years and was diagnosed with throat cancer, which led to him having to undergo a tracheostomy procedure. He now breathes through the front portion of the lawnmower portion of his body. although he looks pretty melancholy, he is actually always in good spirits, looking at the bright side of the flarniverse. he is considered a caring grandfather type amongst his fellow flarnimals. he lacks a biological family, but is loved by all around him, which keeps him more than satisfied and occupied.

likes: chess, green tea, wheat grass (for his health of course), drawers and chests, the bristles in a brand new paintbrush, and ketchup.
dislikes: cherries, ironic trends, weeds, trains and gum.