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ms. shearstrich mcCutterson

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shearstrich is an avid lover of music, she participates in monthly piano recitals (if you’re wondering, she pecks the keys with her beak)… she also enjoys pampering herself with pedicures and purchasing lavish jewelry made of pearls (she’s a gemini, pearls are her birthstones). ms. mcCutterson sometimes constructs collages in her spare time (scissor legs obviously come in handy for that, coupon clipping, and many other obvious everyday activities) she is single and currently looking to date (shearstrich is on looking for her future prince flarning)

pleasures : badminton, holes, swiss cheese (cause of the holes), pots of spaghetti, quotation marks, and gingersnaps.
repellents: snickerdoodles, loose threads, shag carpeting, suitcases, geo metros, televised award shows, and dictionaries.