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professor spraiun a. phibian

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professor phibian is a rare species of flarnimal… wait,  i think they all are actually. hmmm, anyway so… mr. phibian teaches physics at the local flarniversity, and provides free tennis lessons on weekends. one of spraiun’s best attributes are his eyes… typical when one describes their best attribute, i know… but i’m sure you guessed it, yes, his eyes are capable of expelling tons magnificent colors of paint whenever it’s desired. he’s actually quite the artist… mr. phibian’s pieces are currently displayed in many art flarneries around the city and all of his works are very well received.

the professor’s dislikes: beef jerky, turpentine, sauerkraut, tourists, and spatulas…
his loves: scotch, raspberries, cork-boards, marshes, and jellyfish