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vacocto maestro

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vacocto resides in a high rise apartment in flarn york. dinner parties are a definite must, he hosts them weekly. he’s cleanly, extremely musically inclined (the violin is his instrument of choice (obviously) and he can play many instruments at once which proves for a great one man band sort of thing, but with class of course… (you wont be seeing him on any street corners in flarn york with an open guitar case in front of him) and the guy can cook/bake like no other… having so many limbs can prove to be very beneficial when multitasking.

likes: bubble baths, clean filters, tooth brushes (he collects them), fashion magazines, top shelf liquor, calligraphy pens, interior design and cobblestone roads
dislikes: chain restaurants,  1-ply toliet paper, used books, scratched vinyl, dirty windows, and tuna (especially the canned kind)